Top 10 Most Unique Restaurants in the World


Nowadays we go to a restaurant for parties or for special occasions. Each and every restaurant has its own unique identity for which it is known. But today we’ll talk about the top 10 most unique restaurants in the world which will shock you. There are many unique things available in the world but this one weird restaurant or unusual restaurant will really shock you.

10. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

This restaurant has many branches in Asia now. This restaurant is made in an area of 2800 square feet and it is made in the form of a toilet. When you enter this restaurant you will feel that you have entered a toilet as instead of chairs there are western toilets for sitting. The food is served in a mini toilet bowl and the ice cream is in the shape of a poop. This restaurant is always crowded.

modern toilet restaurant taiwan

9. The Bunyadi Restaurant, London

The pictures of this restaurant can’t be shown as they are confidential. This restaurant is situated in Elephant & Castle area of London. This is said to be the first nude restaurant in London. The aim of this restaurant is to normalize the thinking of society towards their body. One branch of this restaurant is now established in Paris. This restaurant has natural things. This restaurant does not allow gas, electricity, mobile phones & clothes. It has two part, one is clothes and another is unclothe. When you enter this restaurant there is a dress changing cabin where you are supposed to change your clothes and wear a robe. Afterward, it is the choice of the customer whether they want to keep on wearing the robe or not. This restaurant has advance booking and it is booked for a very long time.

the bunyadi restaurant london

8. Dick’s Last Resort, United States

It is a small bar and restaurant chain in the US. The restaurant is also known as the ‘rude restaurant’ as the behavior of the staff is very rude. The customer is provided with a paper hat and sometimes the hat has obscene messages written over it. The waiters are rude and talk in a discourteous way. Napkins are not provided on the table & sometimes the waiters throw napkins on the customers when they ask for it.

dick's last resort united states

7. Prison Restaurant, China

The restaurant is in Tianjin city. The restaurant is made in the way of a prison and jail cells are made to give the feel of a prison. The food is served inside the jail cell through a small window in the jail cells to the customers. The food & water is served in utensils like jail utensils.

prison restaurant china

6. Dinner in the sky, Canada

The restaurant is 160 feet above the ground and it is held up in the air with the help of a crane. The restaurant can accommodate only 22 people at a given time and the chairs and table appear to be floating in the sky. There are 3 waiters and all type of food is served over here from rolls to steak. It is getting very popular among people.

dinner in the sky canada

5. Cabbages and Condoms, Thailand

The aim of this restaurant is to spread a social message among people. This restaurant is opened by, Mechai Viravaidya , an ex-politician. The restaurant has sex toys and many other things as decorations.

cabbages and condoms thailand

4. Disaster Cafe, Spain

Usually people are afraid of earthquakes but when you go to this restaurant the restaurant is hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake while you are having your meal. From the outside the restaurant looks like an ordinary restaurant but when you enter this restaurant you can see the waiters wearing construction site uniforms. The utensils in this restaurant are heavier from ordinary utensils. One needs to be cautious in this restaurant as any time an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude can hit the restaurant. When the earthquake hits the lights switch on and off, the table and chairs shake and people start shouting.

disaster cafe spain

3. Twin Stars Restaurant, Russia

It is situated in Moscow city. The people who are employed in this restaurant & work here are twins, they wear same clothes and serve the same table. The waiters and bartenders all look alike. The owner of this restaurant got inspired from a soviet movie, Kingdom of Crooked Mirror, and established this restaurant.

twin star restaurant russia

2. Clinic Cafe, Singapore

The staff of this restaurant is dressed in the manner of doctors and waiters. When one enters this restaurant they feel that they have entered a hospital. The food is served on hospital beds instead of normal tables. If one orders a juice or drink in this restaurant the juice or the drink is served in syringes. The food in this restaurant is very delicious. All the utensils and food in this restaurant give the feel of hospital food and hospital medicines.

clinic cafe singapore

1. Ithaa undersea restaurant, Maldives

The restaurant is situated in Conrad Rangali Maldives Island Resort. The restaurant is situated 5 feet below the sea level. The restaurant is the first under water restaurant in the world. One can see thousands of aquatic animals while having food in this restaurant. The restaurant is made up of glass so that the customer can see the surrounding water and animals. The restaurant was set up by an Italian, Marco Amarone. The restaurant was constructed in Singapore. After the construction of the glass aquarium tunnel in singapore the glass tunnel was sent to Maldives and then the restaurant was made to sink in the sea and established there.

ithaa undersea restaurant maldives

For all the foodies out there, these restaurants are the ultimate wish list and one should visit the top 10 most unique restaurants in the world if they boast themselves of being a foodie.

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