Top 13 Unique Indian Villages that will make you surprise


India is a diverse nation and is an amalgam of a wide variety of cultures and customs. There are many rural legends and myths that are hard to believe, and here I have listed Top 13 Unique Indian Villages that have their own unique story to tell.

13. Barwaan Kala

It is a remote village located in West Bihar. It is a village known for a very shocking thing. This village has hundreds of bachelors and no marriage ceremony has taken place here in the past many years as in order to reach this place one has to cross a mountain by foot as there is no road connectivity.

barwaan kala

12. Hiware Bazaar

It is found in the Ahmadnagar district of Maharashtra. The uniqueness of this village is that it is known as the richest village as you will not find a single poor person and at the same time has 60 millionaires in the village. The village practices rainwater harvesting and capital farming and is known for its effective irrigation system.

hiware bazar

11. Korlai

It is located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. The amazing fact about the whole village is that all the people are fluent in Portuguese Marathi being the state language.


10. Punsari

This smartest village of India is located in Sabarkantha of Gujarat. The whole village is WiFi-enabled and every crossing has CCTV cameras. All the street lights are powered by solar energy. Every villager has an accidental insurance cover of rupees one lakh and medical insurance of rupees forty thousand.


9. Uppal

It is located in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. You will find different designs of water tanks in all the houses here. The water tank designs include an airplane, a horse, a car, a train and many more. These huge water tanks are visible from a long distance.


8. Mawlynnong

You can find this village in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. The village is famous for its cleanliness. The Discover India magazine has declared it as the cleanest village of Asia. The villagers themselves do all the cleaning and it has dustbins everywhere and you will not find any plastic bags in the whole village.


7. Mattur

This village is situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The language spoken in Karnataka is Kannada but the startling piece of information about this village is that all of the people here speak in Sanskrit and everyone is perfectly fluent in Sanskrit.


6. Jambur

You will find this village in Junagarh, Gujarat. The weird fact is that all of the inhabitants are African descents and are lawfully Indian citizens. All of them go by the same nickname ‘African’.


5. Dhokda

This village is located in Kutch, Gujarat. Here, no one sells milk or any dairy product from their cows, and at the same time, if any there is leftover milk, they just give it for free to others who don’t have any cows.


4. Kodinhi

It is situated in the Malapur district of Kerala. The matchless fact that makes this village stand out is that it has the highest number of twin births all over the world, it has around 400 twins and 45 out of 1000 kids are born twins.


3. Shani Shingnapur

You will find that no house in this village has a door and the only barrier is a curtain. There have never been any thefts in this place. This steadfast village is located in the Ahmadnagar district of Maharashtra.

shani shingnapur

2. Shetphal

This village is located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. In this village, people keep snakes in their homes like a family member and there have never been any reports of snakebite deaths. Isn’t that astounding?


1. Kuldhara

It is located in Rajasthan, in the Jaisalmer district and the weird fact about this village is that it is totally uninhabited. The reason behind it is that people believe that the village is haunted.


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